Lets take an assumption that you really do understand your business – the nuances, the operational challenges, the market opportunity, the finances, your unique selling points (USPs) and your competitors. Lets take this assumption further that you really do understand the direction that you want your business to go. Congratulations!

One question – who have you talked this vision through with?

Strategy coaching is about allowing you as your business lead to be challenged in a safe and confidential space. To provide the space for thinking about those little ideas you have been nurturing, and to explore how some concepts and designs you have been wanting to do but did not know where to start could be materialised.

Strategy coaching is about providing you, the business lead, a space to have those conversations that you cannot have internally with your fellow leaders. It could just be that conversation that you need to have to explore perhaps a shift in product or service strategy that could revolutionise your business. 

Strategy Coaching - Getting your target the right size.

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Strategy Coaching is about exploration of the unknown, being led by a trained and experienced coach using their skill as a coach to enable greater foresight into the decisions that you will take as an outcome.

Its about making your target big enough, and making sure that you adapt your business to cope with a bigger target, whatever that target turns out to be. Its about opening the eyes to the possibilities that your business might be able to deliver,

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