Walking CoachingWhen I was completing my coaching training, we practiced coaching whilst walking. We were lucky enough to be in the middle of the countryside, with winding lanes and fields as well as an abundance of wildlife.

The coaching that I enjoyed was one of the most liberating sessions in the course.It allowed me to explore a subject that had definitely been giving me concern and get to a place that I was OK with it.

Coaching outdoors allows not only a bit of exercise, but also an excuse to get away from the distortions that work and life can provide us with.

The sounds of the wind, and the smell of the fresh air all lead to a liberating space for self expression and breakthrough.

So – I want to be able to offer this out to clients so that you can also benefit from this. Initially, I am offering 1 to 1 sessions. They could be based locally to you or perhaps a bit further a field.

I will provide you with a basic kit list of ‘stuff’ to take (basics such as waterproofs, boots etc.) but I will take care of the other bits such as maps, compass, route plan etc. I will act as your guide through the walking coaching, to help you explore and be challenged on a subject using what we will have around us.

Pricing will be dependent on your location or the location that you want to explore.

First step is therefore to ge in touch with me using the contact form after which we can arrange a telephone / Skype / Lync / Hangout call to sort out the details.


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