A few years ago, I wrote a blog about an observation.

“One of my children surprised me the other day. We were having a chat about nothing in particular when they showed me something on the PC. Nothing amazing, but a little snippet that could prove useful at some time. I asked them how they had found out.

“I wanted to ensure that I learn something extra a day and this was todays” came the answer.

What a fantastic way of approaching things, an open, uncluttered mind that is hungry to learn. Hungry to acquire the quintessential luxury of our existence, knowledge. The actual snippet is really quite irrelevant, its the thought that a youngster has such a positive outlook.

Ok, so why cant this energetic curiosity be extended into adult life. Why can’t we be hungry to increase our non-core knowledge by one skill per day. Just think of the fun in investigation, just imagine the outcome of understanding how to program that PVR or how to tell North without a compass. What about a complete left field question, “If all the boats were lifted out of the oceans, how much would the sea level actually fall?

Exploration of the mind exercises the muscle and just like exercise on the rest of the body, exercise is good. It keeps you young, it keeps the wasting limited and lets you enjoy life more to the full.”

Why do I write this update?

Well, its a reminder. A reminder that we all have the opportunity to learn and experience different things at different times of our lives.

Another friend lives life to the full, owns several businesses, and embarked on learning a new skill and putting it into practice each month. He is incredibly richer in life due to this and his stories of what he has learnt are inspiring.

So – as we travel into 2015 – perhaps it is now time to think about this learning. I understand how I do learn, by experiencing and putting into action, so lets do it.

I will be making 2015 a learning experience.

It would be great to have some fellow journeymen to go on this with me and to help challenge each other – so get in touch and lets see what we can do!