We can take solace from the fact that uncertainty is the only constant in the modern world and yet many people get stuck in anxiety which is induced by the very fact that the world is an uncertain place. This dichotomy can be uncomfortable.

Accepting that change is all around us, brought on by the ubiquitous uncertainty that shrouds life, we philosophically move to a new place.

An exciting place where uncertainty gives us permission to be energised and creative. We enter a space where anything and I mean anything is possible. We enter a space where dreams can and do become real lives.

Sure, there are dreams and there are delusions. The obvious key is to stay on the pessimistic side of the dream delusion balance, where we dare to push our dreams towards achievable delusion.

What does this mean to you, right now? It means that I can ask you the question “What if….” and sit back marveling to the conversation that will ensue that could lead to a different place culminating in the question

“When will you plan to work on and deliver the insights from this coaching session?”