The start up entrepreneur is likely to be cash strapped. They have something in their DNA that they want to build. This something is amazing and they have a real desire to make this happen.

A startup, is usually not in a cash generating situation immediately and sometimes does not turn a profit for a few years. The entrepreneur has taken all the risk and is unlikely to be drawing from the business.

So the dilemma – when is the tipping point when the wannabe entrepreneur gives up their day job, and moves on the dream knowing full well that although their dream will add to society, they will be impoverished whilst they build up the product, service or new offering. It’s a trade off between conventional wealth and the wealth that Umair Haque suggests in Betterness.

The dilemna for an entrepreneur

I do not believe in handouts. I believe that an entrepreneurs concept should float or sink based on their attractiveness to secure business. I watch on and get irritated as many social ‘businesses’ that rely on funding but never become truly sustainable. Not all fall in this camp, some do significant good but may never be sustainable and I am fine with that.

I am looking again with interest as to how the government will make it easier for people with ideas, passion and drive to achieve.

Enabling great thinking, enabling new business is the way forward.