I don’t know the answer to this but I could presume.

I have been investigating where the word ‘coaching’ comes from. I have always had an interest in coaching – from my early days in a large telecomms company when I was involved in designing a large scale intervention to move the culture from box shifting (of mobile phones) to a more consultative approach. On leaving the company, I subsequently trained as a coach – and setup Wheresmylunch.

I am therefore talking about the term in relation to our personal development – not the carriage that gets us from A to B – or is it the same thing just with a slightly different carrier. It appears that that was the case.

In the 1830s, ‘coach’ was a metaphorical slang term used by students to describe their teacher as they help them move through the exams.

Little did these students know that this term was to become a profession – where we are now offering the same ‘carriage’ to our clients helping them to transition from one place to another. However, there are a few observations

⏭ a coachee is not a passive passenger, they are involved in the journey and indeed set the destination in many ways.

⏭ a coachee often has the knowledge themselves, they often only need the carriage and the coach driver to get to their destination.

⏭ a coach often carries a spare wheel, a puncture kit, a first aid kit, sustenance and whatever is needed to assist in the journey

⏭ a coach ensures that the carriage is road worthy and is insured. It maybe a bumpy ride at times – but the coach driver will help the coachee to get to their destination safely.

⏭ if a coach driver can only ride a horse, then they dont drive the carriage….

A useful metaphor – and something that might help when we are asked what we do.