I would like you to come with me on a magical journey.

A magical journey that will lead you through exploration to discovery and celebration.

A journey that will help you release dreams and change things forever.

A journey that is within your grasp and your control.

Your discovery and celebration, meeting and engaging in your destination.

By: Ewen Roberts

You have just stepped out of your Tardis and it is January 2016.

Welcome to 2016.

The wind blows gently through the trees allowing the late autumn leaves to drop to the floor. The stream glistens in the early morning light and the ground crunches as you walk over the new frost. You see a person walking towards you, a person that you recognise. The person is living proof that you have done what you set out to do in 2015, that the person has enjoyed their journey and that they are already set for an amazing 2016.

You ask one question and receive one answer from the familiar but younger face.

“I had achieved my 2015 goal before I had even started 2015″

This hurts when you think through the logic. Not only have you been a time traveller but so too has the younger you that is facing you. You think to yourself, how can I finish my 2015 before I even start it.

But wait, by understanding and experiencing the success that 2015 has delivered will help me to plan and make sense of exactly what I need to do so that I can focus on what I need to do. I have achieved my stretch goals – how have I done that?

By: daveynin

A great analogy that I have seen, is that once we set a GPS to guide us to a destination, we trust in that GPS to get us there. So, the plan of achieving those stretched goals is the route that my GPS takes me.

You now feel that the plan is something that just needs to be there. But monthly, the 90 days and annual plan needs some time spent on it as working with stretch goals can be quite challenging.

However, the more time you spend on the plan, the greater the sense of achievement and understanding of what you need to do, what resources you need and by when.

The younger you asks you

“Who do you need to be and what do you need to have achieved to be as happy as I am?”

You ponder and think forward to the plan and delivery. You just need some time and challenge in helping to realise the younger you.

Ok – time travel and meeting yourself in the future is creating a time paradigm and could be a trifle unbelievable. The purpose of this story is to open your eyes in a nice way to the benefits of playing your plan forward.

So to the next steps. Think about the question “Who do you need to be and what do you need to have achieved”  by the end of 2015. Be outrageous in your wildest thoughts (concerning your success and where you want to be). Working with these stretch goals is good. Jim Rohn suggests that to ‘set the goals high and hard because of what you BECOME by attempting to reach them.’

We will tune back to this more over the next few weeks but please let us know how you are doing and get in touch if you want some help.



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