Do you find that the time that you have available for doing things is quite limited?

Do you find yourself drifting between tasks?

By: John Loo

This morning, I sat listening to an inspiring talk by Louis Barnett. Louis is an exceptional entrepreneur who started making chocolates at the age of 12, and started to supply mainstream supermarkets at the age of 14. He managed to combine a favourite of mine (chocolate) with an inspiring and amazing tale for a 23 year old. He has experienced rapid growth, near failure, successful exporting to Mexico and UAE, and wears a loud shirt.

The important take out for me was combined with a question “So, what is the best use of my time now?”

I could have stayed and listened to a morning of talks, and perhaps I should if I was conventional and conformist. But – I had an urge to get back to base and do something. I had an urge to get something out of my head and plant it in one of my businesses.

I had been toying with ideas for “The Coach Zone” for a few months and what it would look and feel like.

  • I want to grow a community of great coaches, CoachZone-Logo-Full-v1mentors and supervisors that could work together to help drive the services profession to new levels.
  • I wanted to help provide some basic tools that people might find interesting. From day one, there is an activity log and a to do list that can help you keep track of those really important activities.
  • I wanted to provide a place where people can interact, where they can talk freely and encourage their contacts to do same.

So here we go – The Coach Zone is now Live. Come and join us free and start growing the conversation as coach, coaching supervisor or mentor


So, what is the best use of your time now?

When you move from task to task – what is it that makes you go to that particular next task.

Is it convention?

Is it next on the list?

Or are you going to challenge yourself and do the thing that you really need to do? The thing that could make a different, that could deliver you to the next level in what you dream?

No excuses, go for the passion!

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