Over the past few weeks, I have thinking about how I can improve my daily work.

I am compelled to share this with you as a gift and in a way that you can make an impact into your busy life.

These are what I am calling the “4Ds”.

Diarise – as soon as you receive a date of an event, appointment, celebration or task deadline, get the date into your diary (electronic or paper really does not matter). This way you make a subconscious link to the date and will start working towards it. Remember also, that as your diary changes, you should delete or amend your diary. Use it to update content and location as this will prove invaluable at getting you to the right place at the right time with the right information.

Delegate – if you are the best person to do an action, then fantastic. However, it is likely that somebody else may have the skills to make this better. It may improve the quality of the output due to the skills of the individual you have delegated, probably be delivered quicker and free up valuable time for you to concentrate on stuff that is your forte.

Design a system – I have come across an amazing amount of repetitive tasks. Some of these tasks can be automated. So, as an example – somebody connects with you on LinkedIn, but you need to take this across into your own system. Using a service such as Zapier (www.zapier.com), as soon as a connection is made in LinkedIn, the available information can be fed into most systems automatically. However, be aware that as LinkedIn does not give you automated access into some details such as email address, this needs to be typed in manually BUT you have captured some of the details automatically.

Do it – Get on with what you need to do. Those difficult tasks are often the ones with the biggest excuses. The ones that we all put to the bottom of the pile. It is also likely that these complex tasks also release the most.

Action – Try this and see how this can help make your busy and complex life more manageable.




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