I am often asked by friends, when are you going to retire?

From their perspective, the work life segment is almost done and they look to slide into whatever the next segment is in their lives.

From my perspective, my work life segment completed in 2008 as I left the corporate world to do what I wanted to do – which was to join the lifelong learning fraternity. A conscious decision that has materialised wealth in many different ways.

❤ If you are reading this and thinking the same, then congratulations.
❤ If you are reading this and thinking I want some of that, then congratulations and wonderful.

A few words of advice on the latter based on years of experience.

🥇There are virtually no short cuts, no easy ways to make £1m in a year.
🥇There will be people willing to offer you their system that will 10x your revenue and make you a trillionaire in the next 24 hours – what!
🥇Everything stops with you
🥇Sometimes you get paid, sometimes you don’t.
🥇Sometimes stuff just needs to get done – and needs to be prioritised above all else.
🥇Sometimes you just want to stop, but you need to dig deep and keep going.
🥇Sometimes you will have a wobble, and question what the heck you are doing. You need to learn to embrace the wobble as it is in the wobble that you really find yourself.
🥇Sometimes you will have a wonderful day, and you forget all the stuff that I have written above.

But all the time,

⚡ Our passion is our business.
⚡ It is an unwritten creed.
⚡ It is how we do stuff.
⚡ It is our DNA and our hunger.

If you could listen to one thing, what would that one thing be and how could you turn it into something even more aligned with the real you?