In a few weeks, I am jumping on a saddle and completing the London to Brighton cycle ride on behalf of British Heart Foundation. (You can sponsor me here)

I have never done it before, and despite being fairly fit – I do have a few concerns. Probably not what you would expect though.

Firstly, I booked on the cycle ride via an email from my gym. I was already looking for something to do to prove to myself that my increased fitness was there and this seemed ideal. Details such as – I live a hundred miles from the start line, and transport on a Sunday morning by public transport is not ideal, and how will I get back from Brighton.

Second, I do have a bike. The bike is great, but is designed for throwing self down hills off road and not really designed to lap up the miles on a road – so I need to get a road bike.

Did I mention, that the event is in 13 days!

Where I am now …. Transport sorted (both bits), Bike sorted (ish), and plenty of saddle cream ordered…..

Why do I mention this? Details such as above do matter but should not stop you doing something amazing. Take a leap into doing something that perhaps does scare you – something that is outside of the comfort zone.

I am really looking forward to the event and the subsequent enjoyment of jumping on my bike some Sunday mornings over the summer months and watching the fields go by as I increase my fitness levels and distances.

But I will not forget that the event organised by the British Heart Foundation is the one that started me off.