I use a product called Tallyfy –  Tallyfy is a process management tool. It allows you to look at the processes that you use and break them down with a view to automating.

Suffice to say that this view of process management invites you beyond checklist and into a space of real process discovery. This process allows you to get into the detail of how you work with people.

If I consider client onboarding for my business, Wheresmylunch as an example.

What is it that we do that makes the new client go Wow from the first touchpoint? My first port of call is to get out my large notepad (A3) and start drawing the process. The process consists of boxes and lines about the journey my clients go on. I think about the stuff that we do well, and perhaps areas where we can improve even more.

How can I personalise the experience? How can I enable great satisfaction and make the relationship focus on delivering what it needs to – which in the case of Wheresmylunch, is great coaching and interventions.

Someone said to me about 2 months ago that the traditional sales acquisition funnel has now gone. The sales funnel has elongated to include the customer experience as they are trading with you. This leads to the ultimate objective of enabling brand ambassadorship. Allowing our customers to advocate our services and our outcomes.

the traditional sales acquisition funnel has now gone

If you use this thought as a trigger. It extends our thoughts into mapping the client journey beyond acquisition. It helps us to focus on further importance. We can maintain and engage in a better and more appropriate way with a person or organisation.

I did not expect to find this from a SAAS. It has crystalised my thinking further that the energies of what we do so well need to be focused in that area, with minimal distraction. By minimising distraction we deliver even better outcomes for our clients.