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Journey of an entrepreneur #1

I am sat at my kitchen table at 05:50 on a Sunday morning.

I have a calling – a calling not to Sunday worship, but a calling to get onto my laptop and start creating. Over the past few months, I have been planning out the next steps for my business (Wheresmylunch) and now have a plan. All will become apparent over the next few months as I start the transition to upscale this business, and ensure a firm segmentation of this is understood within what I am doing. It is going to be a busy time.Read more

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How busy lives can be fun using fountain pens!

I sit at a desk with a blank sheet of paper in front of me. I do not know what I am going to write and actually it really doesn’t matter. The fact is, I have given myself permission to do this as a respite from the days busy routines and unexpecteds. As I write, I hypothesise and think of new ideas and ways of doing things. I do not use tech to write as I prefer the feel of the old fashioned ink pen on paper. Nothing beats the feel of the paper underneath the nib as it glides across the smooth paper surface depositing a thin film of some coloured pigment.Read more

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Are you burning out?

Work and home is full on. You are struggling to fit everything in your living hours and it is starting to take its toll. You are grumpy at home, and not effective at work. You are always tired, and dread the noise of the alarm clock signifying the start of yet another day. You look at yourself in the mirror and notice another wrinkle or grey hair appear as life is starting to pass you by. What can you do?Read more

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Is life dealing you a bad hand? How can you work at increasing your luck.

I don’t believe in luck – lottery aside. I believe that any action that people take leads to some form of outcome based on a complex clump of interconnecting inertias.

In understanding that ‘luck’ does not really exist, and that we live by programmes, perhaps a way of thinking about the lucky ones, is that they understand better what they need to do to get a certain outcome in situations that are non – random. These programmes could be helped by checklistsRead more

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We have all been there – the self talk….

We have all been there!

You have done all the pre-work, you have rehearsed in your mind about what will happen in the next 30 minutes, and yet there is still that little niggle that could derail what you have prepared so much for. There is no logic to it but it is still there.

It could be that you are about to a presentation to your boss or collective bosses, or that it is a routine update or that it is someone external to the business coming in to see you.Read more