A few years ago I visited the Tate Modern in London. I had an amazing experience but first a bit of a background.

I am full of creative ideas, I love working with concepts, I love music but I don’t ‘do art’. I consider that I think in abstract, but not in a tactile way.

So to the Tate Modern – I had heard that this was a good exhibition, and it had been on my list for a few months. I had also heard that the works of Miro were being displayed. Miro could be best described as the surrealist using a canvas, and later construction to explore his mind and experiences. Rooted in culture, Miro experienced significant challenges in his life including living through 2 world wars and then post war period in Spain.

Love or Fear Change - Do You Embrace Different ThingsMy initial impressions – what was this about – why had I wasted 2 hours looking at this. I then started to look at the intrigue and fascination that other visitors had when they were admiring his work. The calm serenity of thinking as they deciphered what was going on in there.

As I walked around the exhibition, I suddenly realised that in fact it was the initial shock to a new form, a style of painting that I had not experienced that I was in fact reacting to. Once over this shock though, I started to really enjoy the art. I started to see pictures and experience the sheer genius that Miro exhibited. Please don’t get me wrong, I didn’t get it all, but the experience took me to a different place. It allowed me to push further out of my comfort zone into a space where there could be adjacent innovation.

Motto of the story : when was the last time you did something different to push yourself out of your zone?

Target : 1 new experience per week, and explore with an open mind.