I have been having a few issues with a car over the past month. The car is a complex menagerie of electronical circuits and mechanical bits that move or should do. My basic understanding is fuel in gets you propulsion.

I remember a few years ago, somebody pointed me in the direction of the Haines manual – queue a large online book store and the relevant manual landed in my letterbox.

PEOPLE JUMPINGMy neighbours must have been sniggering at the curtains as I spent hours with the bonnet up, staring blankly at the engine trying to understand what bits were what. You can imagine the conversation, fuel comes in there – ah, thats the engine, battery connects to the starter …..

What was happening was that on high revs when driving, the car cut the revs down to what the experts call limp home mode. To me this indicated something in the fuel system. It couldn’t be the fuel lines as I was fine below 3000rpm, but when I needed more fuel, it wasnt getting through.

I was now down to fuel filter or fuel pump.

Having visited a local autofactors, I purchased the right fuel filter (the cheapest option) and fitted it, but the car would not start. I was so out of my comfort zone.

A call to the local garage suggested filling the filter with diesel, this would then pull through the engine. They were spot on and the car started.

The reason for sharing this story is that the feeling of elation and success that doing this gave me. I had fixed my car. It was not about the cash I was going to save by not taking into the dealer, but it was the satisfaction that I had fixed it. It was the increase in knowledge that I had got from putting myself out of my comfort zone with a little help from a friendly garage.

Thinking about business, I wonder how this story can inspire others to give something a go. I wonder what it will take you to build together your advisors, your advocates and attempt something.

The risks to me was that my car was going to have to be towed to a garage, but I was not going to let this happened. I read around the subject, sought advice from experts and did it.

I leave you with one question –

What is there that is facing you right now,

that with a bit of dedicated thinking time, and

a conversation with friendly and trusted advisor,

you could attempt, achieve and overcome

with an outcome of building a better you?