I don’t believe in luck – lottery aside. I believe that any action that people take leads to some form of outcome based on a complex clump of interconnecting inertias.

In understanding that ‘luck’ does not really exist, and that we live by programmes, perhaps a way of thinking about the lucky ones, is that they understand better what they need to do to get a certain outcome in situations that are non – random. These programmes could be helped by checklists

Within our psyche we process millions of bits of information and out of our interpretations come outcomes, so if we work on how these bits of information are processed then we can affect the outcome.

In communicating with people, the same filters are in play. We hone in on the bits of information we find interesting and therefore are surprised when we both connect. A connection that has a subject of joint interest in two different people is exciting because this common language or interest gives us permission to explore other adjacent areas.

So, how can we increase our luck and move towards eliminating those poor hands? We just need to widen our interest and this increase in interest could then increase ‘our luck’ of bumping into somebody that could add value or direction to all that we all do.

The take out – We need to open up, and we need to stray from our comfort zones more. We need to become consciously aware of what we do not know, and we need to stretch out of the norms we live in. We will then experience others filtered worlds which will lead us to greater impact and opportunity.