I met up with a couple of lovely friend coaches earlier in the week – thanks Ray Charlton and Fiona Anderson.

We haven’t met up for some time and we shared plenty of stories, laughs and hugs.

One tale that really caught my attention was a retreat focusing on Mindful Photography. An inspiring thought and beautiful metaphor.

Ray explained that when taking a picture, they were asked to consider the subject from all angles – so as to be aware of the beauty and the mess that a picture could jointly be.

This slowing down is genius – offering different perspectives and slight re-adjustment to make this image just right.

I presume (…) that the image would be affected by

📷 the equipment
☀ the light conditions
💐the subject
🧑 the person taking the image
⏲ the amount of time taken to ‘mindfully’ reflect on the image to be taken

I reflect that as we have moved into a digital age, with effectively unlimited shots, we have become discerning at what we can take when compared to the 35mm film that some of us remember (where you got 24 or 36 shots per film).

I reflect inwardly that in this world of digital overload, quality (and innovation) is suffering – with quantity exploited over quality.

I remember the phrase – less is more. But actually less is greater than more.

Like so many things – if we are consciously aware of the decisions we take, we are likely to take a better action.