Over the past few years, the internet has become an abundance of information. According to Netcraft (in Jan 2021), there are just under 1.2bn websites in the world which are a multitude of sizes and purpose. 

I find that I can lose time trying to increase my knowledge in areas of interest and I thought, why not solve this problem.  

On Sunday, I switched on Mylunchtable – a content curation service that promises to unleash the power of targeted curation. My main driver was to simply a method to find more pearls of substance that can excite my thinking, that can inform my variety and share newfound thoughts with my clients.

The concept behind Mylunchtable is a simple one – subscribe to an industry and receive regular updates of some news, thoughts and views that could excite you. As you browse more, we will also start to understand the granularity of your interest and send you more of that type – a clever addition that I hope you will enjoy.

We are currently launching with insights to marketing, coaching, leadership and health and wellbeing utilising content from a wide range of useful sources. We will be building on this regularly and will keep people updated as we get these out of the door.

This is exciting, so be part of this way of dynamic learning and challenge.