I am sat at my kitchen table at 05:50 on a Sunday morning.

I have a calling – a calling not to Sunday worship, but a calling to get onto my laptop and start creating. Over the past few months, I have been planning out the next steps for my business (Wheresmylunch) and now have a plan. All will become apparent over the next few months as I start the transition to upscale this business, and ensure a firm segmentation of this is understood within what I am doing. It is going to be a busy time.

This all started with an innocuous presentation from Chantal Cornelius (a marketing lady from Appletree)  at a coaching talk that I went to. I have to be honest, the talk actually riled me. A model was presented that suggested that the type of markets that I typically go for (new clients and new products)  was one where you had to work really hard at to deliver outcomes and so therefore should be avoided. For those that know me, you understand that this is the area that I absolutely thrive in and so being ‘told’ to avoid got to me. But, when an hour marketing conversation was offered, I grabbed it – not because I wanted to hear what else I should not be doing, but because as I reflected during the talk, I asked myself why this got to me.

The hour conversation was fantastic – it helped me to crystalise what I was doing in terms of my clients and my brand(s). Although I can flutter between the different offerings, it was proposed that this was not really coming through on my main website and so this needed to alter – something that I am in the process of doing right now. Similarly, some of the new direction that I want to take the business in is slightly different to the direction that I have previously trod, so this needs to be different too. There are some overlaps, some offerings that can co-exist between both worlds but also by co-existing, can offer clarity between the offers to my clients which ultimately is just so important.

As I construct the website, I realise that my coaching business is straight forward to reflect on one site, but the new lifestyle option is somewhat difficult and therefore needs to be external and that is fine..

This week, its about construction. Get the websites up and running and then link them into social channels to start to deliver something ‘interesting’.

Report back next week