We are often asked to comment on articles etc to establish our credibility and earn a badge… Mmmm

So. I have had a look at such a request at https://lnkd.in/e5DX7Fy6

The question asked was

Establish a clear framework

One of the first steps to standardize your executive coaching sessions is to establish a clear framework that guides your coaching process. A framework is a set of principles, tools, and methods that help you structure your coaching sessions, define your objectives, and measure your outcomes. A framework can help you create a common language and understanding with your coachees, as well as align your coaching with their organizational goals and culture. Some examples of frameworks that you can use or adapt are the GROW model, the SMART goals, or the Kirkpatrick model.

I have then taken the responses from the 1st question and chucked it through Mr Chat….This is what Chat came back with….

The narrative emphasizes the importance of flexibility and customization in executive coaching, highlighting that while frameworks and tools can guide the coaching process, they should not be rigidly applied to all clients due to their unique needs and situations. The coach’s role is to adapt their approach to fit the individual client, fostering a learning mindset to explore a diverse array of mechanisms and techniques. This approach ensures that executive clients receive the most effective support, tailored specifically to their circumstances and goals. The narrative suggests that success in coaching is achieved through a combination of ongoing learning, listening attentively to the client, and the ability to adapt the coaching strategy as needed.

So… by completing these requests, are we adding to the already huge pool of data that is being created by the giant platforms around some key subjects that can then turn those platforms into content experts?

Are we inadvertently helping them to build a data pool?