One of the great things about running your own business is the ability to innovate. To come up with new concepts and not be restrained in thought by ‘red tape’ or ‘we cannot do that’ type comments that one often comes across in business. The challenge of managing your own business and being your own boss allows one the luxury of making and stretching the rules, of enabling innovation and choosing the great people that the company wants to work with.

The challenge in innovation for me though is not the coming up of ideas, it is the analysis of what it is that is going to take something from ok to amazing. A coach friend often asks me whether I get attached to projects that I am working on. In a coaching context, as a professional coach, it is advisable not to get attached to the business challenges as this would dilute if not destroy the impartiality and effectiveness of the coaching discussions.

Elephants too heavyThis is the same with innovation. Sure, one needs to have the drive and tenacity to keep with the focus that any innovation needs, however, the ability to not be precious about a concept or an idea is equally important. This allows one to rationalize how good an idea is without the emotional baggage that comes with ownership that can distort this view.

One needs to understand when to let go of the elephant that is weighing heavily on the creators mind, and move onto the next one.

After all, how often do you see an elephant that flies?


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