I sit at a desk with a blank sheet of paper in front of me. I do not know what I am going to write and actually it really doesn’t matter. The fact is, I have given myself permission to do this as a respite from the days busy routines and unexpecteds. As I write, I hypothesise and think of new ideas and ways of doing things. I do not use tech to write as I prefer the feel of the old fashioned ink pen on paper. Nothing beats the feel of the paper underneath the nib as it glides across the smooth paper surface depositing a thin film of some coloured pigment.

I write to get stuff out of my head, to unclutter my mind as it yet again manoeuvres through the chaotic space that is my world.

Sometimes I draw, and sometimes I write. I don’t care about it being neat and tidy or whether my scribbles actually make sense as they are my notes. 

As my writing develops, I change pens. I move from my staple thinking purple to an exploring and inquisitive blue before moving to my favourite Orange pen. This orange pen is my action pen, a pen that reflects the end of a particular strand of thinking for that moment in time.

My thinking is deep and sometimes light. It is certainly restorative and creative. It is sometimes not perfectly formed, and that is ok. What the writing in colour allows me to do is to transition through a process to make sense of what my thinking is and where it can take me allowing me to commit to paper what I am doing.

This works for me – why not give it a go. All you need are a selection of pens with different colours, and some paper. You could go fountain pen like I have, and think about getting a lovely journal to write in – but this is not essential. Ask yourself the question – 

“What is going through your mind right now” – and let it develop as you write or draw.

Give it a go and see your writing lift to a different level.