When I am walking, my pace is firmly determined by the speed of the music or narrative that I am enjoying.  Push the beat up, and I walk faster.

Needing to concentrate on a crunch point of an audiobook slows me down as I take focus on the words and meanings.

I wonder then, as my movement is affected by the audio stimuli, so too can my outcomes.

I reflect that as I listen to upbeat and engaging content, I am inspired to action and delivery.

I am energised by the tempo and connected to the beat.

Where else can instigate outcomes?

I am reminded to surround myself with people with energy, challenge and like mind – the energy generators.

I remind myself that I must be an energy generator that motivates and engages others, assisting them to leave behind the debris of the past.

I reflect of music to anchor my thoughts – I create playlists to explore.

Head across here and share what single song or melody is your go-out music, your energy generator, or your go-to feel-good music.

This will be interesting.