Picture the scene yesterday in the Rugby World Cup when Japan overturned the mighty South African team. Japan, a nation that has lost its last 18 World Cup games, overcoming the multiple world champions Springboks.

They were brave, opting for try opportunities instead of the lower scoring penalties. They had a high risk plan, and it was the belief in this plan which grew and grew as they upset a rugby great nation. A belief that followed through to the amazing last minute effort that saw them take the game.

I would argue that this level of tenacity, this level of focus, is truly the work of a genius leader. A leader that could instill confidence when it was required, and keep the focus at times of hardship and challenge. A leader that was willing to take chances and with it wooed the crowd into their dream.

A sporting event that will be celebrated for not just the win but the determination and effort given by the players.

Well done Japan…. It was a pleasure to watch and behold.