This morning,I attended a brief talk about the benefits of sleep. The talk was enlightening and informative and I learnt many new facts such as

  • if you get too much sleep, you increase the chance of dying earlier
  • if you get too little sleep, you run the risk of cardio vascular issues
  • you should ideally get 6 hours sleep before your lowest body temperature of the night (typically 04:30 although differs from person to person)
  • you tend to cycle competencies during the day with greatest creativity about 10am, and greatest physical strength about 16:00
  • your blood pressure is generally highest about 18:30
  • That REM sleep, (Rapid Eye Movement) is associated with dreaming.
  • If you take a nap during the day, 10 minutes is the ideal length of time as this can reduce cardiovascular issues by 37%

Although I am sure that some of this information could be interpreted as sensationalism, I am sure that you have experienced some of this yourself. Sometimes I take a quick 10 minutes snooze in the afternoon, I awake more refreshed and in touch with what is going on.

How do these stack up for you?