Simon Hague

Defining Purpose

Last week, I mentioned about becoming a greater responsible business. This started with defining my purpose and intent. What is it that I do for my clients and how can I become more deliberate thereby connecting with ny inner values.
I started this by a quiet brainstorming session. I thought of the questions that needed answering, prioritised them, and then worked through them. The questions focused on the why. Simon Sinek talks about the why being the limbic or empathic being answered. It can be beyond logic but satisfies our deep understanding of self.
A popular coaching model is the 5 whys. Through asking a cascading sequence of whis this important questions, we (or client) gets to a greater understanding of the reasons why a decision or direction is important to them.
From simple whys come ‘so what we going to do question, hopefully with more aplomb than the vultures from the jungle book

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