Over the past few months, I have been suffering from a pain in the back. Apparently this is something that will hit the majority of us at some point in our lives.

Following on from an initial visit to the osteopath (and doctor), we concluded that my back was probably caused by a mountain bike accident I had a couple of years ago (I hit a tree whilst mid-air) and how my ‘workspace’ is.

A workspace consultation followed and proved the easy part. It was easily sorted by lifting my monitors higher off the desk, putting the desk on wooden blocks and changing a chair to one that offered more lumbar support and armrest.

Unfortunately, the injury will take longer but it has introduced me to a concept called hot yoga.

Listen, I am a 50 something, slightly overweight chap whose concept of yoga was that it is something that youngsters do and involved wearing lycra. Hot Yoga is doing yoga in a semi-darkened room at a temperature of 37C. The idea behind this is that the tendons and muscles are more supple at this temperature. Gave it a go and must admit to being hooked. It is something that really does help me stretch and whilst in the studio, I am blissfully unaware of others and in my own bubble due to my focus on wanting to get the moves and stretches right.

The added benefit – at the end of each session so far, there has been a meditation and relaxation space. This has taken me to a really deep level of subconscious non-thinking that has really helped improve my focus.

Why do I share this?

It is not because of sympathy for my back but because trying something completely different, something that I could not imagine I would do has led me to a better place of personal understanding. A place that harbours comfort, security, and better thinking.

It could be that this is something that you could benefit from, something that you could get enjoyment and satisfaction from. Or it could be that you have a different form of Yoga just calling out to you that you may be uncertain of.

I wouldn’t wait until you get a pain in the back to make the decision to start. Certainly give this new thing a go – oh, and incidentally, I have not donned the lycra yet and probably won’t do.