Many professions have expectations about ensuring regular professional development (CPD) is undertaken to maintain an accredited status.

This CPD generally is focussed around the technical aspects of that role (Eg. to fill knowledge gaps in new legislation and reflect on how this will impact clients, or changes in tax law that impact the way you handle company accounts etc.). This technical aspect can be fulfilled by technical reading, being part of a learning environment, conferences etc.

There are other more personal elements that generally fall outside of the technical CPD. These personal elements carry enough power to derail a leader, partner, or manager and are often overlooked. The impact may also not be enough to derail, but could impact the retention of staff, motivation of environment and how the organisation copes with a changing landscape.

A few of these elements and examples are

  • Confidence – how do you cope when you are continually challenged? How resilient are you really?
  • Effectiveness – what habits have got in the way of doing the stuff that you should really be doing?
  • Change – how do you deal with change, both in terms of personal and organisation level? How do your staff feel when you are in a period of change? What performance impact does this have on their motivation?
  • Work/Life balance – do you have one? If this is an issue, what methods can you adopt to get this back in control? What impact is your attitude to work/life balance having on those close to you?
  • Your values – how do you deal with something that challenges your values? Sure, you can detach yourself but how do you deal with those lingering thoughts?
  • Conversations – do you have difficult conversations? how do you deal with them effectively and professionally? What lingering thoughts distract you before, during and after that affect your professionalism? What about how you deal with difficult and demanding people? Are you difficult and / or demanding?
  • Awareness – what insight do you have into your team when you are working hard? What strategies could you adopt to help become better at this?

Obviously, these are just canned questions designed to provoke response. However, building up a trusting and challenging relationship with a coach that is external to your organisation can assist in pushing through some of these difficult areas.

Do these resonate with you? If so, perhaps an initial conversation could be a starting point so we can see if we can assist you overcome some of these more personal and familiar elements. Your first step is to have an initial conversation with us – book this here.