I am about to meet a client for the first time. This has been somebody that I have been wanting to work with for some time and I am feeling slightly anxious.

I should know better, as I have been coaching for years and have had lots of meetings like this.

I still get jittery and excited.

Taking a step back, I remember that I need to ensure that I am there for my client both in person and mentally.

Preparation of my state is so key. I remember a quick trick that can help me.

Not having time for a full-body meditation, I do have time to focus on breathing.

I close my eyes and focus on an imaginary pulsating light that moves in and out as my chest expands and contracts. I concentrate on reducing the pulses and find that my breathing rate has also slowed.

I feel more in control, and more in the moment for my session.

This short form of meditation is useful. For those that may have jumped into virtual reality, there is an app called Tripp that does just this. It links visual stimuli to breathing and presence. Tripp also is available for mobile (Android or iPhone).

Another method that you can work with is Belly Breathing. Belly breathing is a technique that can be used to strengthen the breath and focus your attention on the present moment. It’s called “belly breathing” because it involves expanding your belly as you inhale, rather than just taking shallow breaths from the chest.

When you breathe this way, it helps slow down your heart rate, relax muscles throughout the body and calm anxiety–all of which are great for reducing stress levels!

Here’s how to do belly breathing:

  • Place one hand on your chest and another just below your ribcage (where there are two bones).
  • Count as you inhale through one nostril at a time;
  • Count “one” as both arms rise up towards the sky;
  • Exhale slowly through both nostrils;
  • Repeat for 10 cycles (20 counts total).

If this feels difficult at first don’t worry! It takes practice but soon becomes second nature when practiced consistently over time.

As you explore the importance of breathing – I hope you can explore perhaps the new sensations that this can bring.