The future – a few thoughts

I have been thinking around some of the areas where we will see a change in how we do things over the next few years. Things which, in the past, may have been beyond us but now appear to be closer.

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Mylunchtable – your new goto targetted curation service.

Over the past few years, the internet has become an abundance of information. According to Netcraft (in Jan 2021), there are just under 1.2bn websites in the world that are a multitude of sizes and purposes. 

I find that I can lose time trying to increase my knowledge in areas of interest and I thought, why not solve this problem.  I had a dream that I could improve this and so I made this happen.

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A learn from SIMCITY

Can any of you remember Sim City?

It was a PC game where you spent hours in building up a city – ensuring that you had the best road infrastructure, rail network, schooling, housing, relationships, industry, factories, airports, and emergency services. These were then mapped and controlled by the ‘spend budget’ that you created. Things went really well until a ‘disaster’ happened – be that a typhoon, a flood, a dinosaur attack or an invasion of extraterrestrials. It didn’t matter how you ran the ‘budget’ you knew it was going to hurt and the imaginary newspapers told you that! Seemed like a harmless excursion.

Fast forward 20 or so years and we have COVID. It doesn’t matter what political colour you are, it doesn’t matter what infrastructure you have built – COVID hurts. Be it a loss of a loved one, a loss of a business or job, the collapse of a local economy, the anxiety that social distancing and isolation brings, the uncertainty about what 2021 holds for us or other as yet unknown – the message is clear.

We need to pull together as a community.

We need to do our ‘bit’ and we need to start to rebuild.

  • Cherish the ones we love,
  • Celebrate the small steps of achievement,
  • Encourage and support those in strife,
  • Let the pessimism (the wobble) co-exist with optimism.
  • Keep celebrating the small steps and party (metaphorically) on the big achievements.

Life will be tough, life will be different – but we need to pull together – period.


The new future – it is over to us!

I saw a short video the other day – it was a future self meeting up with current self and having a conversation. This conversation was different from your healthy future science fiction, although it did feel like it.Read more